Our Mission

To be the preeminent offshore service firm for title agencies, mortgage lenders and other firms in the US real estate industry by providing unparalleled solutions at a reduced cost.

Our vision:

To be the "most preferred" among the outsourcing service providers for the US real estate industry by providing best in class efficiency, price, turnaround time and quality.

Our Value Proposition:

• Experienced in generating output for import data into plant software programs
• Expertise in handling both go forward as well as back plant coding
• Expertise in doing a detailed Title search
• Competitive pricing
• Excellent automated workflow systems
• Highly trained workforce that can be used at all levels
• Dhisha Encore Solutions assures accuracy level of 99%

Our services include:

• Go forward - Daily turnaround

• Back Plants - Long durations and high volumes

• Abstract of title/ title Search Service

• Title Indexing Services

• Legal Indexing Services